Friday, November 30, 2012

The Tallest Man on Earth

I wear you in the patches of my clothing, you know every thread goes through my heart.

These are lyrics that I've just now found I have been hearing wrong, it's actually-

When you mend the patches in my clothing, you know every thread goes through my heart.

Very different meaning now but....I think I like my version better. Life brings people and takes them away, but you will always be effected by your relationship with them, for good or bad. It's always good to remember and take what you've learned and not forget it. I just wish I could use all my energy and give it to all the people who hurt. I've always wondered if people could (on some level) feel it if you thought positive thoughts toward them. Kind of like praying, but more of a passing of positive energy. They wouldn't know why, but their mood would lift or an opportunity would open itself up to them or if they could just feel that someone was thinking about them and they didn't have to be so alone.

I am so frustrated by the limits of my own body and mind. However, being here has opened me up to so many new things, I don't think I'll ever stop learning or growing and if I do...I'll die.

"oh, I said I could rise from the harness of our goals, here come the tears...but like always, I let them go..."

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