Thursday, February 28, 2013

tis the end.

I am so incredibly blessed. I've decided to come home early, because of reason I will not discuss here.
I told my students I was leaving yesterday during class. I cried the whole time. We were supposed to watch a movie, but when I started it they shut it and said they just wanted to talk to me. So we sat and talked. They even prayed for me and my family.
Then today, they gave me a surprise party.

They had bought me a cake and two gifts. It was so touching.
The girls got me a little purse and the boys got me a statue of Ganesha...which lights up. See below

So, tomorrow is my last day. It'll be sad. But I'm glad I'm coming home.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Singing in the Rain

Well, we didn't have school all week because it's been a bathing in the Ganga holiday. Apparently if you bathed last Monday you automatically get to go to heaven. I guess I missed my chance. Oh well.

I've been spending my time doing a lot of painting. I'm excited to come back to the states and go to art school. I think art therapy is a good way for me to go with my life. Teaching English just isn't something I can do for the rest of my life.

The internets been out at my building for the past two days, so I've had to come to open hand to check my email. It's not too bad. I get to drink coffee.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for school to start up again. It's going well. The kids have a show they put on in March, so that will be fun. I'll try and take some good pictures so ya'll can see.

It rained last night, the first time in months, I opened my window and fell asleep to the sound of the rain. It was very comforting. I only have 9 weeks left. I can't believe it. But I am also really really excited to come home. I can't believe how much I've learned here. I'm going to have to write it all down before I go home so that I don't forget.

I hope everyone is having a good year state side. I miss you all. I miss America. I'll blog again soon when I actually have something interesting to say.

All my love,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

15 weeks left

Hey Guys,
Sorry it's been so long. My family came to visit over Christmas and that was really great.
It's gotten really cold here. Especially at night. I am so thankful that I have a room and a heater. It breaks my heart seeing people sleep on the street and dirty children without shoes. Something I've really learned here is that you can't help everyone, do what you can but sometimes it's enough to just take a second and be completely thankful for everything you have.

School doesn't start until the 16th, so I've just been planning my lessons and painting/drawing/being bored. I know I should have a plan for next year. But I really don't know. Which stresses me out a lot. But if anything I can just move somewhere and work for a year until I figure it out.

There really isn't much else to report. I'm sure the time will fly by. I've made friends with this Danish group that was here for a while and I think I'm gonna try and stop in Denmark on my way home, which is exciting.
I'm excited to start school up again, I'm mostly just waiting for it all to start up again. It has been nice to have a break though. But it's time to get going again.

lots of love from India!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Tallest Man on Earth

I wear you in the patches of my clothing, you know every thread goes through my heart.

These are lyrics that I've just now found I have been hearing wrong, it's actually-

When you mend the patches in my clothing, you know every thread goes through my heart.

Very different meaning now but....I think I like my version better. Life brings people and takes them away, but you will always be effected by your relationship with them, for good or bad. It's always good to remember and take what you've learned and not forget it. I just wish I could use all my energy and give it to all the people who hurt. I've always wondered if people could (on some level) feel it if you thought positive thoughts toward them. Kind of like praying, but more of a passing of positive energy. They wouldn't know why, but their mood would lift or an opportunity would open itself up to them or if they could just feel that someone was thinking about them and they didn't have to be so alone.

I am so frustrated by the limits of my own body and mind. However, being here has opened me up to so many new things, I don't think I'll ever stop learning or growing and if I do...I'll die.

"oh, I said I could rise from the harness of our goals, here come the tears...but like always, I let them go..."

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Down, 5 To Go

I can't believe I've hit the half way mark. You know how you feel like time stands still, but then all of a sudden it's gone? This realization makes me feel kinda old. But I've still got a lot of life left in me. A lot of time still in India for that matter.

We had school for the first time in a while today. It went really well, I'm finally finding a rhythm for the class. It's still really challenging at times. But I don't go home crying everyday like the first month or so. I'm loving my kids more and more. They are very special and I look forward to getting to spend even more time with them. It's really fun when I meet them outside the classroom and get to talk to them. They are always really happy to see me. Which is nice, at least they don't hate me...I think.
I don't know how effectively I'm teaching them English, but I do what I can and  I think just having someone there to give them time and encouragement is good.

It's finally starting to cool off here. All the Indians are wearing sweaters and hats like it's gonna snow. But it still feels like summer to me lol

My family is coming in less than a month and I cannot wait. Anyway, I really don't know what to write about most of the time. So, if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

oh! on my way home from school there was a giant elephant walking down the road. It was all painted with people ridding on top. It was massive, I guess I never really realized how big elephants were until I was literally right next to one. Of course I didn't have my camera, sorry.
okay, that's enough pointless ranting.

hugs and kisses from India,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Update, Nothing Special

It's been the week of Diwali here. Apparently this means everyone spends all the money they have on fireworks and sets them off on every street corner. It has literally been sounding like a war zone outside for the past two days. The lights are pretty, but the sound really sets me on edge.

Other than that....I've been sick a lot. But it's getting better, I hope.
I'm working on logging books at the school so we can hopefully end up having a little library for the kids to check out books. I know they would love that.

I think about coming home everyday. But I know that even if I hate every second of it I have to stay till April. If I don't, I'll always regret it. I'm also pretty much halfway done and my family is coming in a month! whoooo! *happy dance* then I only have like 4 months to go and I know they will fly by.

I've learned and discovered so much about myself while being here. I've made great friends who I am able to share this experience with. I'm hopefully helping people too, but really this trip has already been worth it for me.
I am so thankful to all the people who worked so hard to get me here.

I'm finally finding Indian sweets I like, thats a big deal for me lol I'm sure I've changed in ways I don't even realize and wont realize till I get back to the states. Thank you all so much for your support. I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long.

Hugs and Kisses from India!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 Month Check Point

This is an exciting time for me. I can't believe I've made it three months. I was looking through my old sketch books and reading some things I wrote about the prospect of coming here....and now I've been here three months. Life is crazy if you really think about it.
Things were really sucky the beginning/middle of this month. But Joy and I decided to take a little trip. We leave tomorrow. This, more than anything else I think, is lightening my spirits. That and the fact that this month flew by. I feel like I just wrote the blog about September limbo. I also know that the months wont be slowing down. I'll be home before I know it.
This doesn't stop me from being extremely homesick however. I wish I could be there for my sisters first year of college. I wish I could go see where my mom has started teaching. I wish I could go see my brothers new apartment. I wish I could be home and try to repair my relationship with my dad. I wish I could see my old roommate Allison in her first musical theater role. But I am only here for a year....I can't wait to see what else is going to happen while I'm here. I have only just begun.