Monday, July 2, 2012

First Day of School

Well, technically it was a half day. I think it still counts. I met two of the classes I'll be working with. One of them is really little kids (I'm just helping the teacher in this class) The kids were so cute! I couldn't believe it, I can't wait to work with them everyday. It's really sad though because a lot of the kids had really bad heat rash because it's been so hot. I would have taken pictures of the kids but I thought having a camera the first day would be too distracting. I also want the kids to take me seriously (lol is that silly?) Anyway, the next thing I did was work with the 3rd grade class I'll be teaching. Sarah is helping me out the first week or so, which is amazing. My biggest challenge at the moment is learning all of their names.

I also had time to go through and clean all their music supplies.
This is all that I found. It will do for now, but I would really REALLY love to get those handbells that they use a lot in churches? ya know? I looked it up and it would be about $150 to get a set of 25 of them. But I would also have to wait till my mom came in December because she would have to bring them over. But maybe I can find something that is over her. I'm still thinking about it. If you would like to give money specifically to get music supplies for these kids you can send me a message telling me that is where you want your donation to go. These kids have very difficult home lives, I only hope I can give them a small outlet to have fun and express themselves. I'm really looking forward to this year :)

Oh, and my mom told me to take a picture of myself the first day. This is for you mom.


  1. this is awesome! I like your punjabi

  2. You look great! Love that outfit, and it's nice to see what they have at school.

  3. Those recorders should be a lot of fun! You should do something where the kids get to compose their own songs (solos or ensembles).

    We should keep looking into getting you an SAI grant so you can get more instruments! Maybe our chapter can try to do a fundraiser for you too =]

    I'm glad to see a picture of your new clothes! Love the color =]