Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth of July in India

My American friends and I decided we couldn't let the fourth go by without a little celebration. (It's funny, I feel waaay more patriotic now that I'm not in America) Anyway, we decided fireworks and a couple drinks on the roof would be appropriate (no?) The drinks were taken care of already because it is very inappropriate and very scary to go to the liquor store. So, they ask guys they know to go and get it for them. So all we had to do was figure out how to find fireworks. We asked the guys at the coffee shop were we could go. They gave us the name of a place and the Hindi word for firework. Thankfully my friends knew a little about where we were going. However, when we got to the market we had to keep stopping and asking people where to go. The people kept pointing us in the right direction. We ended up at this little shop.
This is me (obviously) buying the fireworks.

   Here are some pictures of the market. Sorry they are kinda blurry.

We weren't even sure we were going to be able to find fireworks. We were very excited to be successful! We rushed home to get started.
 The sparklers went out before we could get the picture :P
 I had a great night and was very glad I was able to do a little bit of celebrating. I've been missing home a lot. I also learned a lot by sitting and talking with these ladies. I hope you all have a great Independence Day as well! 


  1. shave your head! shave your head!

  2. lol...Sam....What? I pretty sure that would make everyone think I'm a widow or something.