Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

A lot has been happening. Something I've been thinking a lot about recently is commitment. As scary as commitment is, I believe it's really the only way to live. I've been realizing more and more what a great idea it was for me to commit to being here for a year. I've been here for about 2 months and I feel like things are only just beginning to start. I am feeling more comfortable, my relationship with the kids is getting better, I am figuring out how to teach and these things are only going to get better. I think I'll actually be able to do some good here. Even if it is only a little. Anyway, my point is that things take time, you have to commit in order to experience and enjoy all that the experience can give you.
August 15th was India's independence day. The kids put on a program and we didn't have school.

Having a camera always causes chaos.

I've been helping Sarah with her art classes she's doing. It's been really great. It's so encouraging because kids who wont participate in any other class have started to participate in her art class. This is only going to give them more confident in their other classes. I haven't started my music classes yet. I will soon though. I've just been so overwhelmed with everything else I decided to wait till I felt more able to handle it. I feel I am close to this point.

Facebook depresses me. Everyone is moving back to Charleston for school. But I guess I'm not too sad about not going back to Eastern. This year will go by fast. I know it will. 

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  1. Charleston is YICKY. India is where its at :) you are doing so awesome over there and like you said, it will only get better! Say what up to the monkeys for me. I love you!