Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Name for a New Place

Sarah and I have been meeting people and going around town for the past couple of days. While we have been out we have noticed that people have a hard time understanding my name (Meg). When we visited Sarah's Hindi teacher we asked him what it meant. He said that meg means rain and that it is masculine. This could not do. However,we found that there is a name used over here that would work, Meghna, meaning princess of the rain. Needless to say this is now how I am being introduced to everyone as of now. I think it is very beautiful and it makes me feel more apart of the culture to have a name that people will understand.
Just thought I'd share :)

P.S. after reading this post my mom sent me this picture lol I guess I was destined to be a princess. Too bad I left my tiara back in the US.


  1. I'm so glad your mom shared a link to your blog on hers. I've followed her homeschooling adventures for a while, and will really enjoy following your India adventures while you are there. Best of luck to you this year!!!

  2. Thanks for blogging Meg. So proud of you!
    ~Christy Schwartz

  3. Love the new name! It suits you. And love the pic....I remember that princess. :)

    1. haha Thanks Duska. and thanks for putting up with the meg monster when i was little!